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CITIC Metal Co., Ltd Chairman Mr. Wu Xianwen and Party Visit Hangzhou CIEC Group Co., Ltd

March 22, 2017, CITIC Metal Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Wu Xianwen, together with iron ore and steel business related personnel came and had meeting with Hangzhou CIEC Group’s General Manager Mr. Lu Yonghong, Executive Deputy General Manager Mr. Yuan Wenjiong, Deputy General Manager of CIEC Mineral Resources Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhou Xi, Dean of Black Industry Research Institute Ms. Zhang Xi, General Manager of Operation Management Center Ms. Wu Weiping, and Ministry of Trade Basis Manager Mr. Zhou Wei.

CITIC Metal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Group, specializes in the import and distribution of niobium products, iron ore, coal, and non-ferrous metals like copper, lead, zinc, and concentrates on export of silver, the trade of steel products, and investment in and operation of metal mining projects. At present, CITIC Metal has a close business relationship with CIEC Ministry of Trade Basis Department and CIEC Lisheng Investment Co., Ltd.

During the meeting, CITIC Metal Chairman Mr. Wu introduced main business units of CITIC Group and the current development situation of CITIC Metal. Both parties discussed and exchanged opinions on the concerned issues, and brought up ideas of future cooperation in iron ore and steel area.

CIEC Group General Manager Mr. Lu Yonghong introduced company’s business strategy and risk control concept, and answered issues which Mr. Wu and CITIC Metal concerned. CIEC Group Mr. Yuan, Mr. Zhou, and Ms. Zhang also shared their own views on future cooperation during the meeting.

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