Release time:2017-08-21

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Hangzhou CIEC Group International Trade Department Held 2017 Colleague Outward Training

19 August 2017, International Trade Department held Colleague Outward Training at Hangzhou Blossom Tao Hotel. Deputy General Manager Mr. Stephen Chan, Deputy Manager Mr. Jason Jiang, Manager Assistant Ms. Siting Zhu together with 60 colleagues joined this training.

All the participants were divided into 4 groups, and they had to finish all the tasks within limited time. The outward training included few competitive activities including DaVinci Code, Tower Building, Fast Speed 60 Seconds and Aquarium Meeting, and all the groups had to compete with others and earn the points in each section. In the end, “Iron Wolf” Team won the 1st place and was rewarded the “Best Team” of the day.

After the whole day training, all the colleagues said it was a good opportunity to know more about themselves as well as other colleagues. This was the first activity of International Trade Department 2017 Outward Training, and the second session will be held on 23 & 24 September. 

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