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CIEC Korea Corporation Opening Ceremony was Held Successfully

6 September 2017, CIEC Korea Corporation of Hangzhou CIEC Group Opening Ceremony was held successfully in InterContinental Seoul, South Korea. Mr. Jiang Yuanqing, Vice President of CIEC Group, Mr. Stephen Chan, Executive Vice General Manager and Ms. Zhou Na, Vice General Manager of Int’l Trade Department of CIEC Group together with Korean partners and customers including HyundaiSTXPOSCODongbuDaehanDuckshin joined the Opening Ceremony.

Mr. Jiang Yuanqing introduced the history, core business and achievement of CIEC Group over past 20 years. Mr. Jiang said “CIEC ranks 1st on the list of top 100 Steel Trading Companies in China and provides comprehensive industry chain services to meet diverse customer demands. CIEC aims to become an international professional steel industry enterprise, and will continuously devote to win-win cooperation with our partners and customers in the future.”

Mr. Stephen Chan, Executive Vice General Manager of International Trade Dept. gave a review of CIEC’s business performance and diversified product categories to all the invited partners and customers. He mentioned “CIEC Int’l Trade Dept. will provide outstanding services to our customers relying on group’s platform, and third country trade will gradually become the core business of the company. In addition, South Korea is the most important steel market for China, the establishment of CIEC Korea Corporation will play an essential role in building future cooperation.”

Ms. Zhou Na, Vice General Manager of CIEC Int’l Trade Dept. who have more than 10 years trading experience with South Korea market talked about the process of setting up CIEC Korea Corporation in the Opening Ceremony. She sincerely invited CIEC’s partners and customers come to CIEC’s head office in Hangzhou and hoped CIEC Korea Corporation would serve customers based on their unique needs.

Afterwards, invited partner and customer representatives together with CIEC management leaders have the cake-cutting ceremony, which represents the official establishment of CIEC Korea Corporation. All the invited customers expressed their best wishes and expected to have more communications with CIEC Group.

After the opening ceremony, invited partners and customers visited CIEC Korea Corporation office. Mr. Jiang Yuanqing shared his experiences to CIEC Korea colleagues, and encouraged them to be more confident and to be prudent. Mr. Chan and Ms. Zhou also shared their views in business operation, task assignment and market exploration. 

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